Being Inclusive in Church Classes

A few days ago, Rick C. Bennett, Host of the great Gospel Tangents* podcast, posted this quote from David Olster’s new book (which I highly recommend) Bridges: Ministering to Those Who Question* regarding how some leaders (local and general)  want to control or prohibit members from thinking for themselves. Here is Rick’s post: “I’m loving […]

A little on the Destruction Theme of the Book of Mormon

The destruction of the wicked The Book of Mormon is an incredible book that has no wasted text. Every event or sermon is of importance. The writers were short of space and the work was laborious. Things which seem repetitive or superficial on one occasion are found to be very significant when a new context […]

Anton Haddad and the Convent of Muhammad to the Christians

Thank you so much to Dr. Muhammad al-Ahari from Chicago, who has very kindly written an article for Hira Cumorah. It is a blessing indeed to have such a distinguished scholar and writer, sharing his knowledge and thoughts with us. By Dr. Muhammed al-Ahari (Chicago) Anton F. Haddad (1861-1924) was a Christian Arab who was […]