Anton Haddad and the Convent of Muhammad to the Christians

Thank you so much to Dr. Muhammad al-Ahari from Chicago, who has very kindly written an article for Hira Cumorah. It is a blessing indeed to have such a distinguished scholar and writer, sharing his knowledge and thoughts with us. By Dr. Muhammed al-Ahari (Chicago) Anton F. Haddad (1861-1924) was a Christian Arab who was […]

Are the Pashtun People the “Lost Tribes of Israel?”

As a devout Latter-day Saint (Mormon), the “Lost Tribes of Israel” is, to me, a very important topic, that is essential to my faith. I have studied the various theories regarding where the “Lost Tribes” could be, and we Latter-day Saints know that many of the Tribes were scattered throughout the world, and are being […]

What Are the Best Mormon Blogs/Websites?

People usually ask me what are my favourite blogs/websites for information on Mormonism, and Mormon history. Apart from Hira Cumorah (wink wink) there are some fantastic blogs and websites that I highly recommend to everyone who is interested in studying Mormonism more deeply. So, I’ve decided to share my favourite blogs/websites on Mormonism here. Please […]

Some additional Information on the City Creek Mall

A couple of great responses from my good friends Jeremy Marshall and Victor Fodor in reference to my previous blog titled “The Truth Behind the City Creek Mall.” Their comments add so much more information to the original article, and for that I am truly thankful. Jeremy Marshall: “There is a lot of wisdom with […]

It is Important Not to Become Anti Anti-Mormon

Throughout my years of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and maybe through faults of my own, I have had many discussions (or attempted discussion) with many Anti-Mormons. You know the ones who spread so much hatred towards the Prophets, and our teachings, and spout their hatred online in […]

Muslims are Commanded to Protect Christians and Their Churches

Muslims who follow the Qur’an properly know how revered Christians are in Islam. Unfortunately though uneducated Radicals think it’s acceptable in Islam to destroy Churches. True Muslims like those in Mosul Iraq, and in Pakistan are rebuilding the Churches that were destroyed by ISIS. I’ll give you one example from the Qur’an (there are many) […]

The Elder Poelman Fiasco at the 1984 General Conference

Elder Ronald L. Poelman giving his 1984 General Conference Sermon I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I’m blessed to be a fully fledged member. However, the Church is not perfect (whereas the Gospel is), and our leaders can and do get things wrong from time to time, as they’re not […]