The Talking Ants: A Scientific Miracle of the Qur’an

Isn’t it fascinating that the Qur’an already knew about this entomological science, nearly two thousand years before it was “discovered,” by scientists. Here is the Qur’anic verse where it tells us that Ants communicate: “Until, when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said (for females قالت), “O ants, enter your homes […]

The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel is a Mosque and also a Synagogue

This is the Prophet Samuel Mosque (Nebi Samuel) located in Ramot, East Jerusalem. It is one of the holiest mosques in Islam, as it is also believed to house the tomb of the great Prophet Samuel. There is also a Synagogue underneath the Mosque, and both Jews and Muslims have happily worshipped there together for […]

The Saudis and Vincent Van Gogh

According to some uncultured, uneducated, small minded people in the West, the Arabs are backwards, radical Muslims, who hate everything “Western.” Well, first of all, that is one of the most absurd, and ignorant statements I’ve ever heard, and secondly, it’s to those “Arabs,” that the West owes so much of what we have, and […]

Being Inclusive in Church Classes

A few days ago, Rick C. Bennett, Host of the great Gospel Tangents* podcast, posted this quote from David Olster’s new book (which I highly recommend) Bridges: Ministering to Those Who Question* regarding how some leaders (local and general)  want to control or prohibit members from thinking for themselves. Here is Rick’s post: “I’m loving […]

A little on the Destruction Theme of the Book of Mormon

The destruction of the wicked The Book of Mormon is an incredible book that has no wasted text. Every event or sermon is of importance. The writers were short of space and the work was laborious. Things which seem repetitive or superficial on one occasion are found to be very significant when a new context […]

Notes on Muhammad A.R. Webb and his views on lynching and other social problems

This is a previously unpublished paper written by Dr. Muhammed Al-ahari that he has very kindly allowed Hira Cumorah to publish. Notes on Muhammad A.R. Webb and his views on lynching and other social problems[1]             Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb (1846-1916), a white convert to Islam, was a former U.S. diplomat to the Philippines who […]

Islam, the Religion of Peace and Dawah

Dr. Muhammed Al-ahari has very kindly allowed Hira Cumorah to publish a talk of his that he gave for the 2008 Ahmadiyya Conference in York, Pennsylvania. Islam, the Religion of Peace and Dawah Brief Comments given at the Ahmadiyya Khalifah Centennial Harrisburg, Pennsylvania By Muhammed al-Ahari June 21, 2008 AsSalaam aliekum,             My name is […]