The Saudis and Vincent Van Gogh

A truly spectacular exhibition in the desert this was

According to some uncultured, uneducated, small minded people in the West, the Arabs are backwards, radical Muslims, who hate everything “Western.” Well, first of all, that is one of the most absurd, and ignorant statements I’ve ever heard, and secondly, it’s to those “Arabs,” that the West owes so much of what we have, and know today to, but that’s for another post.

I’ve also heard from various people, who have not surprisingly never left their little bubbles and actually traveled to the Arab world, that the Arabs also hate art, and culture, especially from the West, as their religion doesn’t allow it. Again, another ridiculous statement.

The Arabian Peninsula is full of art, culture, architecture, literature, music, foods etc etc all from the West. In fact, the Saudis are very big fans of Western art, and you’ll see paintings hanging on the walls from Western artists in buildings and homes throughout the country.

In January, the Saudis spent $150 million dollars, on a magnificent exhibition, dedicated to showing and bringing to life, the works of the great Western Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. I have uploaded some photos from the exhibition. The exhibition was in Al-Ula, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

So no, the Arabs absolutely do not hate Western civilisation, non-Islamic art, culture etc etc.

Here are some more photos from the exhibition:

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