Elbert A. Smith and his poem titled “The Cross”

Elbert A. Smith ( 1871 – 1959)

Did you know that the Prophet Joseph Smith and his family all held the symbol of the cross in high regards? In fact, one of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s grandsons, Elbert A. Smith, stated in a 1921 sermon that “the lack of crosses on Church spires was a testimony that there was an apostasy in Christianity,” and he argued “otherwise on top of that spire would be a cross of gold.”

In 1928, after visiting a cross monument at Mount Rubidoux, in California, Elbert A. Smith wrote a beautiful reverential poem entitled “the Cross”:

The cross stands with feet in the earth;
But leaning it’s head on that skies;
It’s two great arms are a symbol; 
Compelling the gaze of all eyes;
The cross speaks to us of his wounds; 
Invites us to drink of his cup. 
The way of the cross is rocky—
But the way of the cross is up. 
The cross makes us humble of heart; 
For here must each man bend the knee—
Yet be a man still, for Christ says:
“Arise and follow me!”

For more information on Elbert A. Smith please click the link below:


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