A little on the Destruction Theme of the Book of Mormon

Captain Moroni Raises the Title of Liberty (Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty), by Arnold Friberg

The destruction of the wicked

The Book of Mormon is an incredible book that has no wasted text. Every event or sermon is of importance. The writers were short of space and the work was laborious. Things which seem repetitive or superficial on one occasion are found to be very significant when a new context emerges.

Nephi Ben Lehi had a vision of the End Times, but when he came to write it he was told by the Lord not to as it was John’s duty to do that. He then noted that Isaiah had written about these times, and so he began to unravel that, but again he was told by the Lord not to. Nephi did however warn the Nephites that if they did not keep the commandments and failed to attend to the poor, and their families, that they would be destroyed by the Lamanites.

Essentially the rest of the Lineage History presents accounts of many of the times the Nephites needed to repent and be saved from destruction, until the last times of about 400 AD their iniquity (Mormon: 8) had become so ripened that they were doomed to complete destruction. Mormon and Moroni warn us that we are in danger of being completely destroyed if we do not keep the covenants given to us. To add to this warning, Moroni attached the history of the Jaredites, whose destruction was complete.

Let us look at the Nephite situation again. In the days of very long and demanding warfare, the Nephites were able to overcome a large and stubborn enemy. Captain Moroni, the great commander, finally trapped his enemies who had been striving to slaughter the Nephites. He collected their weapons, and then he made a pact with them, that if they refused to start-up against the Nephites again, he let them go home to their lands, wives and children. This was the Nephite approach to war. War was not fought to get revenge, take possession of territory, or to rob and plunder. Hate was not the motive for war. The army that fights out of hatred commits genocide and is as guilty as the prime mover of the war.

Looking at our day, what would the Prophets have seen?

Wars of mass destruction fueled by hatred.

The unnecessary bombing of civilians e.g. the bombing Dresden with 3,000 bombs, that killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children, and the un-needed atomic bombs on an already defeated Japan. When freedom is given to commanders such as Air Marshall “Bomber” Harris, and General Le May Curtis to bomb civilians in an already won war, then we have stepped over the line, and must reap the harvest we have sown.

In the revelations, or visions, received by John Taylor and Wilfred Woodruff, huge populations were destroyed by radiation.

So what can we do to prepare?

A few cans of baked beans, and a sack of wheat will not cut it. In the early church the pioneers paid a heavy price. Our saving preparation is what our leaders have done, and that is by building Temples. Our job is to work the Temples, and in doing so be saved in Zion.

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