The Beauty of Reading the Book of Mormon in Arabic

I had the same experience as Latter-day Saint researcher George Potter had a few days ago. I was speaking with a friend I used to study with, who is from the UAE, and I asked him how did he go with the Book of Mormon I gave him (about 5 years ago), and he said that he “really didn’t enjoy it, as it was not written very well.” I was disappointed, but then he said “I ordered a copy of the Book of Mormon in Arabic, and I read that one instead, and I found it to be one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, it is written in a very pure, and beautiful form of Arabic, and you can clearly see that the original Book of Mormon was written in a pure Semitic language, very similar to that spoken by my own people.” Now, Even as an Arabic speaker myself, I had actually never fully noticed that before, and made that connection.

To cut a long story short, he went onto say that “there’s no doubt that the original Book of Mormon was written by a Semite, who truly understood Arabia, and I don’t believe that Joseph Smith, or any other Westerner could of made it up.”

I was amazed, and extremely happy that he has had that experience. He’s not committed to Baptism yet, and is happy with his current faith, but he truly believes the Book of Mormon was indeed written originally in a Semitic language, by a Semite. He also spoke about the Bedouin cultural influences in the book, and we all know that Lehi was a Bedouin, but I’ll write more on that soon.

The photo is my copy of the Arabic Book of Mormon.

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