Are the Pashtun People the “Lost Tribes of Israel?”

A Pashtun man in Afghanistan

As a devout Latter-day Saint (Mormon), the “Lost Tribes of Israel” is, to me, a very important topic, that is essential to my faith. I have studied the various theories regarding where the “Lost Tribes” could be, and we Latter-day Saints know that many of the Tribes were scattered throughout the world, and are being gathered today. But, what if many people of the Tribes stayed in one area? And what if they remained pretty much unblemished from the world, and have managed to retain much of their Israelite culture? Well, look no further than the Pashtun people of Afghanistan to receive the answers to those questions. The idea that the Pashtun people are the descendants of the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” is indeed the theory that has hooked me the most, and it makes the most sense, and also holds the most amount of evidence out of all the other theories, and I am certain (in my own personal beliefs) that the Pashtun theory is indeed true.

Now, I was going to write a lengthy article on this, but I have found that there are many articles already available on this subject on the internet, that will give you far more detail and information that I could. So, below I have shared some incredible links, that detail the Pashtun culture, and how they are most certainly the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” I encourage all Latter-day Saints to also read these articles, and watch the YouTube videos I have also provided, as I believe that the Pashtun people will soon hear the Restored Gospel, and know that the Lord is once again gathering the rest of their people (the Israelite’s). I am also currently studying the Pashto Language, for this very reason. Please see the links below:

One of the best articles on the subject:

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