Some additional Information on the City Creek Mall

A couple of great responses from my good friends Jeremy Marshall and Victor Fodor in reference to my previous blog titled “The Truth Behind the City Creek Mall.” Their comments add so much more information to the original article, and for that I am truly thankful.

Jeremy Marshall:

“There is a lot of wisdom with the church building City Creek.

1) its connected to Temple Square. It draws people to the area.

2) The Gateway shopping mall was a move to draw traffic away from Temple Square

3) As a church owned mall, they can control what kind of tenants inhabit the area and to an extent, how they market their products (some retailers essentially utilize ‘soft porn’ to market their wares, the church can stamp that out).”

I totally agree with Jeremy, and I should of added those thoughts in the original article.

Victor Fodor: 

“The LDS Church as a major stake holder had to step in to fund this massive but vital downtown city project to revitalise the heart of Salt Lake City and stop it degenerating into a wasteland like the urban heart of so many other US cities. I wise move by The LDS Church. This project has revitalised the heart of downtown Salt Lake City which is adjacent to Temple Square and other historic and important LDS Church buildings and facilities and organisations. Investment and reinvigoration is better than stagnation and decline. Downtown Salt Lake City has seen a huge increase in other investment and local visitors since the completion of this vital community infrastructure and hub. Inspiration and vision and investment and planning and foresight have paid off in more ways than one. A good move by The LDS Church. As a non Church member journalist said about the project “The LDS Church has put its money fairly and squarely right where it’s cultural and spiritual heart is and has reaped the rewards”. I would add reaped the blessings. The integrity and well being of the cultural and spiritual heart of Salt Lake City and the LDS Church is safe and secure for generations to come.

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