The Problems with McConkie’s “Mormon Doctrine”

  • “Mormon Doctrine” by Bruce McConkie
  • The Problems with McConkie’s “Mormon Doctrine.”

    There is still sadly quite a large number of Latter-day Saints who use and accept “Mormon Doctrine (MD from now on)” by Bruce R. McConkie as a source to gain knowledge of Gospel Doctrine, and because it was written by a modern day Apostle of Christ, to many believe MD does indeed teach true Doctrine. Yes Bruce R. McConkie was an Apostle of Christ, and yes he was a very spiritual man, and he did teach us pure doctrines when he was acting as an Apostle, but was he wrong on many issues regarding what is and what is not “Gospel Doctrine?” absolutely he was.

    Sadly McConkieism is still alive and well in the Church, and it’s time that we educate members to shy away from such thinking, and study the Gospel themselves through the Holy Ghost, and to stop thinking that everything our leaders say/write is from God. Our Prophet is only a Prophet when he is prophesying, or acting under the influence of God, he is not a Prophet 24/7, and that’s one of the core teachings of Joseph Smith. MD is quite literally what Bruce R. McConkie thought was Gospel Doctrine, it was never supposed to represent what the Church believes as a whole.

    For those of you wondering why I’m so against MD (I’m not against it as a book, but I am against members believing that it is Doctrinal), then I encourage you all to read it, and you will know exactly why I don’t accept much of what McConkie thought was Doctrine, or even Christlike.

    Now, McConkie was a good man, I’ll always believe that, and he was the one who advocated (many don’t know this) for the African-Americans rights to hold the Priesthood in 1978, but that’s a topic for a future post. I still think McConkie was a true Apostle of Christ, but like all of our leaders, they are not infallible, and they do have their own thoughts and beliefs on issues both in and out of the Church.

    Here is a brilliant article further explaining the problems of McConkies “Mormon Doctrine,” and how it clashes with “Gospel Doctrine.”

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